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I'm Mark Bronner. I'm a diamond expert serving the Greater New York area.

Mark Bronner Diamonds's Bio:

Mark Bronner is an experienced diamond dealer in the greater New York City area. He has been involved in the diamond business in the tri-state area for the last 20 years. Through his blogs Mark Bronner Diamonds, he updates his audience on what is happening in the diamonds industry, engagement ring trends and more. Mark Bronner is proud of his work with diamonds, and will continue to educate those around him about the process.   Mark Bronner became involved in the diamond industry with his business partner 20 twenty years ago. At first, the two started in Philadelphia as diamond retailers but have since moved to the tri-state area, where he helps a multitude of people choose a diamond that is right for them. Mark has always been a helpful salesman, knowing his clients well enough to gage which diamond would be best for them. Since entering the diamond industry, Mark Bronner has succesfully helped dozens of customers and keeps track of the latest news in the world of diamonds.   Diamonds are a rare commodity to the world, and for Mark Bronner, they are a symbol of life, perserverance, and integrity. He is actively engaged in sharing dozens of beautifully cut and colored diamonds (as well as other gemstones) on his twitter account, so be sure to follow him!   Mark Bronner is also a huge supporter for charity involvement and nonprofit work. He believes giving back is an essential to the betterment of humanity and keeps his own charity blog about ways you can increase fundraising and raise awareness for particular causes.  Mark Bronner also shares recent events, like natural disators, and ways we can help the people who have been effected.   Through his intellect and admirable work ethic, Mark Bronner is not only able to make a difference in his own life and in the world of diamonds, but also for the people around him - whether they are healthy, suffering, or just in need of an extra hand.  

Mark Bronner Diamonds's Experience:

  • Mark Bronner Diamonds Dealer at Mark Bronner Diamonds

  • Principle at Mark Bronner Diamonds

    As a self-employed diamond dealer and investor, Mark Bronner has relied heavily on his stellar reputation and keen attention to detail as he facilitates trades and exchanges. Mark developed an interest in this field through a friend and has always fancied himself an adept and adoit businessman. Now established and renowned, Bronner prides himself on insight into the precious gems industry and keeps up his social media accounts and blogs to reflect his perspicacity and passion for his work.

Mark Bronner Diamonds's Education:

  • University of Delaware

    Concentration: Business

Mark Bronner Diamonds's Interests & Activities:

Diamonds, Charity, Nonprofit Organizations, Education, NYC, Delaware, Darien, Connecticut, Diamond Cuts & Colors, Gemstones

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